Donald Cranor White River Trout Fishing Guides for Spin, Bait, or Fly Fishing

Marc Poulos

Starting in the mid-1950's, Marc began fishing popping bugs with his father on the upper White, War Eagle, and Osage Rivers in NW Arkansas. This kindled an interest in fishing that gets brighter every year. After a term with the US Navy Marc was free to pick the places he spent time, most were chosen because of the fishing. Marc tossed lines in Belize, Panama, Virgin Islands, Mexico, Canada, Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and a few other places.

Twenty-two years ago Marc returned to the White River Basin which he considers home. The desire to spend more time on the here finally pushed him to move to Cotter, Arkansas to pursue a career in guiding. He gets much enjoyment and satisfaction out of putting people on fish. Mark definitely qualifies under our definition of What Makes A Great Guide Great.

Helping clients develop the skills and predatory instincts to be successful fishers on their own is a top priority. Marc has been accused of being meticulous in the ways he approaches his fishing and tackle preparation. To him, this is part of the fun and adds to the passion for the places and people that come together in pursuit of game fish.

Wade fishing is his first and favorite way to fish (because it satisfies that hunter-gatherer instinct). But on these waters many times a boat can be a necessary tool. For that reason, he has a 20 ft. motorized Jon boat and a 16ft. drift boat. Marc does not adhere to the "9 to 5" schedule for guiding. If conditions dictate, he will be on the water at 5 am, or even 8 pm if that is what it takes. Known for his humble and sincere nature Marc invites all who are interested to fish with him.