Donald Cranor White River Trout Fishing Guides for Spin, Bait, or Fly Fishing

Rex Curly

Rex Curly is the best low water crawdad fisherman on the White River. What makes him the best is he has a natural talent for finding and catching the best crawdads. Fish know a tasty crawdad when they see one, and Rex knows what they like to see. Further, Rex also knows how to rig a crawdad, and just as important knows where and how to fish them. Even though Rex specializes in summer time low water trophy fishing, with 33 years of professional guiding he's also very skilled in all aspects of spin fishing the White River. One time a newspaper journalist was fishing on the White River. He happened to witness Rex's client of the day catching a 16 pound 8-ounce brown trout and decided Rex was the man to write about for his article. While crawdads are Rex's favorite bait, he also catches other live baits for his clients.