Donald Cranor White River Trout Fishing Guides for Spin, Bait, or Fly Fishing

Carl Jones

Carl Jones has over 40 years experience as a guide on the White River. Carl earned a place in the world record line class books when he caught a 20 pound 12-ounce brown trout on 2-pound test line. Carl has also landed 27 more trout weighing over 20 pounds on larger line. Carl is the only guide on the river who draws every other guide's attention when he speaks. His competitive nature may lead him to keep some knowledge to himself and fill us all full of bull at times, but we all know that Carl has vast trophy trout fishing knowledge. Carl has been featured in many articles, including one in the Ozark Trout Tales, a book written by Steve Wright in 1994. He was also featured in a book series entitled secrets of the fishing pros published by the Hunting and Fishing Library. Carl spends 99.9% of his fishing time bait fishing. He is not only a master at catching trophy trout, he is also one of the best at producing large numbers of trout in any conditions.