June 6 2019

 I know the national news makes it look like the whole state of Arkansas is flooded but fortunately here in northern Arkansas our water is fairly low and the fishing is great.The White River is in great shape. The corp is holding water back so not to add to the flooding south of us. We will have some high water eventually but it wont be anything out of the ordinary.

The dam has been releaseing  0-2 generators most of the day with slightly more in the evenings every day for a month or more. This creates some great opportunities for everyone no matter your fishing method. We have been catching some great browns on minnows,roe and crawdads. The guys that prefer artificial baits are working the rainbows over on jigs and rebel tracdown minnows. The flyheads are even getting in on the action with midges and phasant tails.

If your looking for a great fishing experience the White River should be your number one destination.