The upper end of the White River is on fire. The fish are eating everything in sight. I have been catching fish on a little bit of everything. The suckers are spawning so egg patterns are working when the water is a little higher in the afternoon. The lower water in the mornings has been producing some great action on whole crawdads and  pealed crawdad tails. I have also been boating some great fish on red worms. The worms were washed out of the creeks last week when we had all that rain and that was enough to get them started. It is very likely that we will have some high water in the near future. If so the worms will be the bait. If the flood gates open the fishing will be unbelievable. The water will be up in the grass where it hasnt been in a wile. When the groung becomes saturated the worms will come crawling out. This will start a feeding frenzy. I f the water gets high enough it will push all of the fish over to the inside channel turns. The harder the turn the more fish will be there. Its pretty handy having 100% of the fish in 5% of the water especially when their all eating the same thing. There is no flooding now but if it happens dont miss it. It will be incredible.