It's been around three weeks since I posted. It's not because there is't anything to write about but because I've been swamped. If you want the truth about what we've been doing here it is. We've been working their asses over in a big way. The brown trout bite on the White River has been the best I can ever rember and thats saying a lot. We are still catching em on a regular basis. Minnows have been the bait of choice all season. The crawdad fishing has been picking up in the last couple weeks. We have landed  four fish over 10lbs. in the last five weeks.The fish between 5 and 10 pounds have been coming daily. Some days several in the 5 to 10 pound range have been put in our boats. I've been staying on the upper end of the White River most days but the other guys have been scattered out between Cotter and the White Hole and all of us have been knocking em dead. The  caddis are starting to pop like theater popcorn so the bite is bound to slow a bit in the next few days. The caddis should be a thing of the past by the first of May and the crawdad bite will be on.