Went back to the White River again today to find a big surprise. The dam released 4 generators at 6 am and it looked like a swamp. I knew from the start that I was in for a challange and I was right. I headed up stream from the White Hole as soon as the water hit me. I knew they wouldnt run it long and I was right. The water was falling when I got to the state park. I figured I would be able to drift the minnows on a split shot and work em over but that was a swing and a miss. At 10:30 I had still only landed one small brown.I made the executive decision to back up and punt. I broke out the corn and started working on the rainbowswith the idea of revisiting the brown trout as soon as the water settled. I stayed with the rainbows until 2 pm then put the minnows back on. It was a great move the brows were ready. We landed 7 thye last hr and a half. Most were 21-22" fish but we had two great fish. The first big one was 5 pounds 15 ozs.  and the Last fish of the day was 7 pounds 15 ozs. Its called persistence. We will see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully no surprises.