I had plans to head to the state park on the White River. That all changed when I saw the weather report and realized the wind was going to blow like crazy.I decided to go to Wildcat again so I could hide behind the bluff there and at the White Hole. I fished with Bob and Charles Glover again today. We used minnows. The fishing was average this morning. We landed 8 brown trout before lunch. Would have been a great morning if we could have found a abig one somewhere. They were all 21" or smaller. After lunch I headed up to the White Hole to hide behind the bluff there. The fishing was much better. We put another 9 in the boat but three were great fish. The biggest ones weighed in at 5.31 pounds, 6.01 pounds and 7.57 pounds. Headed back to the White River again tomorrow we will see what happens.