Anyone fishing for Brown Trout on the White River today that didn't catch em better not quit their day job. The browns have been holding back for the last three days and they decided to let it all hang out today. I fished with Mike and Morgan Linton again today. This was the last of a three day trip. We landed 6 browns the first day with no big ones. 12 the second day with a really nice 5 pound fish and 22 today with three big ones. The best one today was 7lbs 4 ozs. I started today at Wildcat and pretty much stayed right there. I did make it down to the head of the shoal a couple times but thats as far as I got. The water was low as predicted so I spent the day anchored. The wind didnt blow much so I was able to sight fish all day.I have some long time clients and friends tomorrow and Tuesday so they better look out i'll be out to get em.