Fished the White River again today with Chris and Mike Tinsley. This was their 5th day in my boat over the last three years. Mike put a 13lb.5oz. fish in the boat on the very first day they ever fished with me and a 13lb.12oz. brown trout hit the net the second day. His brother Chris had to wait until the next trip to beat him with a 14lb.2oz. monster brown. Today was the 5th day in my boat and we didn't have quite the luck. I did everything I knew to do and only landed 6 brown trout the entire day. 6 would have been plenty if one of them would have been bigger than 14lbs 2 ozs but we could only muster up a few 20-22" fish that barely got a second look from Mike and Chris. I have two more days with these guys. Maybe tomorrow.